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Effective Assessments

Assessments provide a valuable opportunity for teachers to monitor their students' progress toward proficiency. Effective assessments like the Standards-based Measurement of Proficiency (STAMP) can play an even larger role: allowing teachers to easily evaluate their course's curriculum based on how students perform. With easy-to-read reports, STAMP can help teachers make adjustments in their classroom to improve student outcomes.


• Provides validated, easy-to-use data
• Perfect for checking progress, placement, program and standards review, staff development, and instructional planning
• Access to longitudinal individual speaking and writing samples


Rubrics or scoring guides are the real work horses of the standards and benchmarks. The rubrics outline in detail what expectations are placed upon the students for performance at any given level. By communicating to the students clear and simple expectations, the students know what they must do to achieve at specific levels. Also, by using consistent rubrics in the classroom for both formative and summative assessment events, students will come to internalize the expectations and will perform better on any task where a rubric is used to outline achievement levels.

STAMP Enhancements

CASLS works to continually improve STAMP's test design. Recent enhancements include:
• Advanced-level items
• Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, Swahili, Turkish, Urdu, and Yoruba
• Listening and contextualized grammar sections

Free Pilot Assessments

Teachers may try out these enhancements free of charge by participating in CAP (our pilot assessments program).
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Sample Question from Spanish STAMP

STAMP sample Spanish question

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