Title はじめての日本のすし屋
Unit/Lesson No. Food and lifestyle/Lesson 11
Topic Japanese food: Sushi
Function Understanding important detail, identify object
Focus Learn about California rolls not existing in Japan


Purpose of This Lesson

In this listening activity, students will learn that California rolls do not exist in Japanese traditional sushi restaurants.

Teacher Instructions
  1. Before class, prepare the handout and the transparency.

  2. Show pictures of sushi restaurants on Transparency 1 and introduce Mike from the listening activity and his host father in Japan.

  3. Have students listen to the conversation once (see below for the audio file). Distribute Handout 1 to students and have them listen to the conversation once again. Have students work on question 1 (true or false) on the handout. Discuss the answers using Transparencies 2 and 3.

  4. Have students form groups of three. Have them work on question 2. Discuss the answers with the entire class.

  5. Have students discuss points in question 3 in groups. Then, have each group present to the class. Discuss the presentation points with the entire class. Talk about different sushi ingredients in Japan and the U.S. including California rolls.

  6. Show Transparency 4 to students and have them work on activity 4 (matching) in groups. Discuss the answers with the entire class. Ask students why they have chosen each answer. (see Answer Key for more information)

  7. Have students work on activity 5 (discussion) on the transparency. Have each group present their ideas to the class, then discuss these topics with the entire class.

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Script 1


山本: マイク、すしは初めて?
マイク: いいえ、食べたことあります。ぼくの住んでいた町には日本料理のレストランがたくさんあったし
山本: あ、そう。
マイク: はい、それに、スーパーでもおすしが買えるんです。
山本: へえ、そうか。アメリカ人はすしが苦手なのかと思ってたよ。
マイク: おすしはとっても人気があるんです、アメリカで。ヘルシーだし、おいしいし。
山本: じゃあ、マイクもすしはあんまりめずらしくないんだね。
マイク: でも日本のすし屋は初めてなので、楽しみです。
山本: そうか、じゃあ、好きなものどんどん注文して。
マイク: えっと、じゃああ、サーモンとカリフォルニアロールおねがいします。
山本: カリフォルニアロール?それ、何?
マイク: えっ、アボカドとカニが入ってるおすしですけど。日本にはカリフォルニアロールがないんですか。
山本: うーん、カリフォルニアロールなんて聞いたことないなあ。

Answer Key to Student Activities

  1. a. F b. F c. T

  2. a. Japanese restaurants, supermarkets b. healthy, tasty
    salmon, California rolls d. avocado

  3. Answers vary.

  4. (a)-(3) crab meat and avocado
    (b)-(4) from the name of 'Boston lettuce'
    (c)-(5) The legs of a whole crab look like spider legs.
    (d)-(1) beef
    (e)-(2) from the name of cream cheese brand 'Filadelphia'
    (f)-(6) smoked salmon


Visual resources:



Handout 1


Listen to the conversation between Mike and his host father at a sushi restaurant in Japan.

Circle T for true or F for false according to the conversation.

1. a. T / F Mike has never tried sushi, although it is available in his town.

b. T / F Mike's host father has never tried California rolls, although he knows about them.

c. T / F The sushi restaurant they went to does not have California rolls.

In groups of three, fill in the following blanks with appropriate answers.

2. a. T / F In the town where Mike lived in the U.S., he could buy sushi at (______) and also at (______).

b. T / F According to Mike, sushi is popular in the US because it is (______) and (______).

c. T / F Mike wants to order (______) and (______).

d. T / F California rolls have (______) and crab meat in them.

 In groups of three, discuss the following.

3. a. T / F Have you ever tried California rolls? What were the ingredients?

b. T / F What other kinds of sushi have you tried? What were their ingredients?

c. T / F Among the ingredients from (a) and (b) above, which ones may be foreign to Japanese as ingredients for sushi?


Transparency 1


Transparency 2

Transparency 3

same as Handout 1

Transparency 4


1. The following are some examples of sushi that were invented in the US. In groups of three, match the names of sushi in the left column with the main ingredients in the right column.





cooked beef, cucumber, spinach





smoked salmon, cream cheese





crab meat, avocado, cucumber





shrimp, Boston lettuce





soft shell whole crabs, avocado





smoked salmon, avocado

2. In groups of three, discuss why these innovative sushi were created in the US. Brainstorm as many reasons as possible.