Unit/Lesson No.

Food and lifestyle/Lesson 4


Fast food: KFC


Describe, comparison


Learn about differences in menu of KFC in the US and Japan


Purpose of This Lesson

Students will learn that Japanese KFC restaurants have their own original items, and that the restaurants may offer some items that KFC’s do no offer in the U.S. Then, students will discuss why there are differences between the menus of the restaurants.

Teacher Instructions

  1. Before class, prepare the handout and transparency. Record the conversation between Mike and Akira beforehand if possible.

  2. Ask students what kind of images come to mind when mentioning Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) using Script 1.

  3. Distribute Handout 2 to students. Have students listen to the conversation (see Handout 1) twice and work on the activity on Handout 2.

  4. Discuss the answers with the entire class using Transparency 1 and 2. Distribute Handout 1 to students if necessary.

  5. Have students form groups of three and distribute Handout 3 to each group. Show Transparency 3 to students and introduce the menus of KFC from the US and Japan . Have students work on the activities in groups.

  6. Discuss the answers with the entire class. Summarize the idea that KFC’s in Japan have slightly different menus than those in the U.S. Why that is the case?

Teacher Presentation Sample Scripts

Script 1


KFCはどうですか。(ex. 時々)

マクドナルドとKFCは同じですか、ちがいますか。(ex. ちがいます。)

何が同じですか。(ex. ファーストフード)

何がちがいますか。(ex. KFCはチキンのお店)

KFCのメニューにはどんな食べ物がありますか。(ex. フライドチキン、ビスケット、コーン、マッシュドポテト)


Answer Key to Student Activities

Listening comprehension on Handout 2

1.     a. F     b. F     c. T     d. T     e. F

2.     a. Because mashed potatoes are not popular in Japan .
b. Differences are good because there are a lot of varieties.
c. Because KFC is a restaurant specializing in chicken.
d. Answers vary.

KFC menus on Handout 3

1.     a. デザート       b. 飲み物

2.     Venn diagram

3.     Answers vary.


a. The most basic items.

b. There are more varieties of food. The original image of KFC is not important. Japanese style food and drinks (roll cake, iced coffee, and oolong tea). Food that is easier to eat (nuggets vs. wings, and corn salad vs. corn on the cob).

c. The original image of KFC (southern) is important (mashed potatoes and apple pie) for KFC in the US , but there is no such image to maintain in Japan . Many items are not familiar to Japanese (mashed potatoes). Some food items are messy to eat (wings and corn on the cob).


Visual resources:



Handout 1

<Useful Vocabulary>

1. とくに = especially  2. アメリカっぽい = American-like   3. なつかしい = nostalgic

<Useful Vocabulary>

4. にんきがない = unpopular 5. きかんげんてい = time limited offer  6. えらぶ = to choose 7. へん

Handout 2

Listening comprehension

Handout 3


Transparency 1

same as Handout 1

Transparency 2

same as Handout 2

Transparency 3

1.     What are the appropriate category names for a. and b. in the menu above?

2.     In groups of three, draw a big Venn diagram like the one below in your notebook and fill out items based on the menus above.

3.     In groups, compare the items in each section in the Venn diagram and discuss the following. Write down your ideas so that you can present your opinions to the class later.

a.     What kind of items are in both US and Japanese KFC’s? (the middle section)

b.     Why does Japanese KFC have their original items? (the right section)

c.     Why does Japanese KFC not have certain items? (the left section)