Comidas de los siete continentes

Unit/Activity No.

Food History/Activity 13

Geographic Topic

food origins

Language Topic


Language Function

identify, express location, , make suggestions, give reasons, ask information questions

Language Standard

1.1, 3.1

Geography Standard

1, 10


Teacher Instructions

Step 1. Place the students in groups of 5. Cut apart Handout 1 and randomly hand each group one of the continents. (Since Antarctica does not have a native human population, it has been omitted from the activity.) Have the students investigate the food typical of that continent. Each group will develop a complete meal based on the typical food of that continent (appetizers, soup, main dish, dessert, beverage, other treats). They can be very creative, e.g. roasted ostrich. They are to design a table setting and color scheme as well.

Step 2. Form the students into new groups where each person represents a different continent. They will share their menu with the rest of the group.

Step 3. The 7 continents group is to be part of a Café de los siete continentes fair. They are to create a banquet meal that incorporates ingredients from around the world.

Step 4. Students then return to their original group and share the menus prepared by the Siete continentes chefs. They will fill out Handout 2 according to the categories.


Individually, student assumes the role of a food critic writing an article for the Food Section of a Spanish-language newspaper. Have students describe the Feria de los siete continentes in detail along with the background of the menu items. They should make suggestions to the reader about the best items as well as items to avoid. 


Each student in the group should have 4 copies of the graphic organizer (Handout 2).

Assign a class period for the writing assessment. Allow dictionaries and/or notes only for the first 5 minutes (to brainstorm and look up vocabulary for the topic) and the last 5 minutes of the writing period (to check spelling and accuracy).


Handout 1

Handout 2

Graphic organizer