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CASLS is a microcosm of the world we hope to create: a diverse group of multilingual and multicultural people working together.

Julie Sykes
Julie Sykes, Director

Julie Sykes received her Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota with a focus on applied linguistics and second language acquisition. She became the CASLS director in 2013. Julie's research focuses on the use of digital technologies for language acquisition with a specific focus on inter-language pragmatic development and intercultural competence. She has taught courses on second language teaching and learning methodology and research, language learning and technology, Hispanic linguistics, and inter-language pragmatic development. In addition, she has supervised large language programs. Julie's experience includes the design, implementation, and evaluation of online immersive spaces and the creation of place-based, augmented reality mobile games to engage language learners in a variety of non-institutional contexts. She has published various articles on CALL-related topics, including synchronous computer-mediated communication and pragmatic development, gaming and CALL, and lexical acquisition in digitally mediated environments. Julie also holds a faculty appointment in the Department of Romance Languages at the University of Oregon.
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Carl Burnstein
Carl Burnstein, Educational Software Developer

Carl Burnstein joined the CASLS team as a student employee back in 2010 and has since become an integral member of the technology team as a full time developer. He helps design, program, and maintain all of CASLS' online tools and provides user support. Carl graduated from the University of Oregon with a B.S. in general social sciences with a concentration in applied economics, business, and society. He also holds a minor in computer information technologies and a minor in music.
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Linda Ellis
Linda Ellis, Business & Financial Development Coordinator

Linda Ellis received her bachelor's degree in anthropology from the University of California, Berkeley. She joined the CASLS team as a grants and contracts technician in 2008. Linda manages the center's diverse funding structure and uses her business expertise to help CASLS develop entrepreneurial language learning programs. She is the co-owner and co-founder of J. Michael's Books located in downtown Eugene.
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Linda Forrest
Linda Forrest, Research Director

Linda Forrest received her Ph.D. in linguistics from the University of Oregon. She has served as research director since 2005 and worked for the center as a data analyst for five years prior. She has also taught linguistics courses and developed an Internet course on the structure of English words. Linda leads the center's research on second language acquisition and assessment.
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Mandy Lindgren
Mandy Gettler, Associate Director

Mandy Gettler received a B.A. in English with a specialization in folklore from the University of Oregon. She started working at CASLS in 2003 as a student employee and served as an office assistant for over four years and then as a grants and communications specialist. She is now the associate director. Mandy also served as the publications director for the Pacific Northwest Council for Languages for ten years. She also volunteers as an executive assistant for a nonprofit in Eugene focused on maternal mental health.
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Lindsay Marean
Lindsay Marean, InterCom Editor

Lindsay Marean, who holds a master's degree in linguistics from the University of Oregon, is the CASLS InterCom editor. She taught Spanish in grades 1-12 for five years, supervised pre-service second language teachers for five years, and worked as a teacher trainer and curriculum consultant with indigenous California communities for two years. Lindsay is also active in documenting and revitalizing Potawatomi, her heritage language, and Paka'anil, a California indigenous language.
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Renée Marshall
Renée Marshall, Curriculum Consultant

Renée Marshall earned her B.A., California teaching credential, and M.Ed. from University of California, Santa Barbara. She is originally from Etna, a small town in northern California, and moved to Eugene in 2012 to attend the University of Oregon. She earned her M.A. in Romance Languages from the UO in 2014. Renée has experience teaching French, Spanish, and ESL. She works for CASLS as a curriculum consultant and OIIP coordinator. Her interests are in bilingualism, bicultural identity, second language acquisition, and language policy and advocacy. In her free time, she enjoys learning languages and traveling.
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Scott Morison
Scott Morison, Educational Software Engineer

Scott Morison received his B.A. in computer science from the University of Redlands. He holds certifications in Oracle database modeling and relational database design, windows NT administration, and J2EE programming. Scott has over fifteen years' programming experience. Prior to working at CASLS, he served as the senior applications specialist for Symantec Corporation. He now works with the technology team to develop tools for language education.
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Li-Hsien Yang
Li-Hsien Yang, East Asia Special Programs Coordinator

Li-Hsien Yang earned her M.A. in the language teaching specialization program at the University of Oregon. She has been part of the CASLS team since 2010 as a GTF prior to her current role. Li-Hsien now helps coordinate the Oregon International Education Program (OIIP) and develop online language learning modules in Chinese.
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Yifang Zhang
Yifang Zhang, Oregon International Internship Program (OIIP) Director

Yifang Zhang earned her M.A. in language pedagogy from the University of Oregon. Yifang first joined CASLS in 2004 as a graduate research assistant before accepting a position as an education specialist for the Chinese Flagship Program. After a brief break, she returned to the center to coordinate the Oregon International Education Program (OIIP) and provide guidance on online course development in Chinese.
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