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Portfolio Assessment Tool


Prove Yourself to the World

LinguaFolio Online, a portfolio assessment tool, allows students to collect evidence demonstrating their communicative abilities to themselves and others. It also documents intercultural experiences and reflections that enhance language learning and cultural understanding. Using LinguaFolio Online throughout a students' language career guides them to reflect on their learning process and allows them to take responsibility of their own learning.

Getting the Most out of LinguaFolio Online

LinguaFolio Online is most effective when teachers incorporate it into their curriculum. Educators should first set aside time to teach students about the importance of setting goals and review how to build their portfolios in LinguaFolio Online. Teachers can then select specific Can-Do Statements that correspond to their textbook or teaching material and construct classroom activities that correspond to the Can-Do Statement. After completing the unit, teachers can set aside time for their students to review those specific Can-Do Statements and upload evidence they may have produced during the unit.

LinguaFolio Online Pricing

Our free LinguaFolio Online pilots have closed, and groups that have participated in our pilots can continue to access the e-portfolio free of charge. New users interested in incorporating LinguaFolio Online into their curriculum need to pay for an annual subscription at the cost of $2.00 per student. Have more than 2,500 students? Email us for discounted pricing.



LinguaFolio Online Goes Mobile!

LFO to Go allows users to interact with their LinguaFolio Online accounts on the go. To use the application, users must already have a LinguaFolio Online login. The app itself is free to download and designed for use with an iPhone, iPod, or iPad.

With LFO to Go, you can:

- Take pictures and upload them as evidence
- Record audio right from your mobile device and upload it as evidence
- Upload new text evidence
- View and edit Can-Do Statements
- View, upload, and delete evidence

- User must already have a LinguaFolio Online account
- iOS 5.0 or higher

Download the Can-Do Statements

Screenshot of LinguaFolio Can-Do Statements

LinguaFolio Online CanDo statements screenshot