Residential Immersion Program

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  • Level: College
  • Languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish

Students in the University of Oregon residential immersion program, which is part of living experience in the premier Global Scholars Hall, enroll in a yearlong course to explore what it means to be a multilingual, multicultural citizen in a local, national, and international context.

As part of the residential immersion program, students play Ecopod, a place-based, augmented reality game in which they are responsible for the health of their residence hall, also known as a pod. They engage in modules requiring them to use both language and content expertise to solve problems, find collaborators, and build community.

For example, students work together to select proper resources to survive a pandemic, collaborate with aid workers in an earthquake emergency response, and ensure maximum sustainability in their community. Students also develop their own module in the target language to build proficiency through the creation of text, narrative, and tasks for others.