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Baseball 野球
Why Baseball?

Just as football is an everyday topic in American culture, baseball is an integral part of everyday life in Japan. Every summer, koshien, the national high school baseball tournament, occupies many TV screens during the daytime and professional baseball games show up at family dinner tables. As more and more Japanese players contribute to the Major League Baseball, baseball has become a popular topic in Japanese-speaking communities in the U.S.


Objectives Students will be able to...
  Social Studies Standards
  • demonstrate understanding of the influence of historical realities on baseball
  • compare Japanese and American baseball cultures
  Second Language Standards
  • use baseball terms
  • describe a baseball team
  • demonstrate understanding of a baseball player's philosophy
Summative Assessment

Students will create a poster in groups to advertise a new Japanese professional baseball team.


Unit Organization and Lessons
Part 1: Baseball Terms 野球用語
  Students learn basic baseball vocabulary, including Japan-born katakana words
日本で生まれたカタカナ言葉も含めた 野球の基本用語を学ぶ。
Lesson 1 Baseball Quiz 野球クイズ Download Word version
Lesson 2 Japanese Baseball Terms 野球のことば Download Word version

Part 2: Baseball History and Comparison between U.S. and Japan 野球史と日米比較
  Students learn and compare the history of baseball in Japan and in the U.S. and the demography of players in both countries.
Lesson 3 History of Baseball
Download Word version
Lesson 4 Japanese Teams and American Teams 日本のチームとアメリカのチーム Download Word version

Part 3: Americans in Japan and Japanese in America 日本のアメリカ人、アメリカの日本人
  Students read the experiences of Americans playing in Japan. Students also read about the philosophy of Ichiro Suzuki, a Japanese playing in the U.S.
Lesson 5 Baseball in Japan
日本の野球 Download Word version
Lesson 6 Ichiro イチロー Download Word version

Part 4: Your Own Baseball Team 自分のチームを作ろう
  Students learn differences on how fans cheer for baseball games in Japan and the U.S. Then, as a final project, students create their own baseball team and design a poster to publicize the team.
Lesson 7 Cheering

Download Word version
Lesson 8 Your Own Baseball Team 自分のチームを作ろう Download Word version

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