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Tokaido 東海道

How did people in the Edo period live and travel?
How can we compare Japanese history and U.S. history?


Baseball 野球

How does Japanese baseball culture differ from the American counterpart?
How did historical events influence baseball?


Fashion ファッション

Did you know kimono is hip now?
How have kimonos been changed over time?
Where did the Japanese school uniform come from?


Recycling リサイクル

What are the 3Rs?
Are there any differences in attitudes toward recycling between the U.S. and Japan?
Did Japanese ancestors have garbage?


Manga and Anime 漫画とアニメ

How do Manga and anime technology trace back to old Japanese art?


Food and Lifestyle 食べ物と生活様式

What happened to American fast foods when they were transplanted to Japan?
Did the California Roll come from Japan?
What is Konbini and how does this type of store differ from its U.S. counterpart?


Haiku 俳句

Do you know the origins of haiku?
Who was Matsuo Basho?
How can we construct a haiku?

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