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Recycle リサイクル
Why recycle?

Dealing with waste and recycling has become a global issue. In this unit, students will work on waste, recycling, and environment problems that have drawn many students’ attention. First, students will look at these problems from the perspective of their own lives (e.g., How much garbage do I produce in a day? Is sufficient recycling being done?). Secondly, they will compare this issue between the U.S. and Japan, and also learn about the sorting of garbage and resulting environmental problems. In addition, there are a lot of secrets to learn from the past. This unit will examine situations in Edo Era. Students will look at lifestyles in Edo from the viewpoint of waste and recycling and compare them with current situations. As a final project, students will work in groups to create a TV commercial for promoting recycling.


Objectives Students will be able to...
  Social Studies Standards
  • Identify characteristics of an issue or problem suggesting possible causes and results
  • Gather information relating to waste and environmental issues
  • Examine a controversial issue from more than one perspective
  • Consider two or more solutions
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses and conclude what is best
  Second Language Standards
  • Express habitual action
  • Compare similarities and difficulties
  • Brainstorm solutions
  • Express opinions
Summative Assessment

Students will work in groups to create a TV commercial related to waste, recycling, or environmental issues such as promoting can recycling.


Unit Organization and Activities
Part 1: Recycling and environmental problems リサイクルと環境問題
Students learn about garbage, recycling, and environmental issues at present.
Lesson 1 Amount of garbage

ごみの量 Download Word
Lesson 2 Are you recycling?

リサイクルしていますか Download Word
Lesson 3 3Rs

3R (スリーアール) Download Word
Lesson 4 Recycling in Japan and the U.S.

日本とアメリカのリサイクル Download Word
Lesson 5 Sorting garbage

ごみの分別 Download Word
Lesson 6 Where is garbage taken? ごみはどこへ運ばれますか Download Word
Part 2: Recycling now and in the past リサイクルの今と昔
Students learn about recycling from the past by comparing situations in the Edo Era and modern times.
Lesson 7 Recycling in the Edo Era (1)

江戸のリサイクル(1) Download Word
Lesson 8 Recycling in the Edo Era (2)

江戸のリサイクル(2) Download Word
Lesson 9 Recycling; now and the past

リサイクル、今と昔 Download Word
Lesson 10 Let's make TV commercials!

コマーシャルを作ろう! Download Word

Web and Literature Sources

Web sites about waste and recycling

Web sites about recycling in the U.S. and Japan

Web sites about sorting garbage

Web sites about recycling in the Edo Era

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