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Haiku ”o‹å
Why Haiku?

Haiku is the shortest form of poetry in the world. Though it originated in Japan, it has become very popular in various languages throughout the world. Your students have probably made Haikus before, but they probably do not know the history of Haikus or about great Haiku poets. This unit will provide students with deeper knowledge and understanding of the Haiku.

Objectives Students will be able to...
  Social Studies Standards
  • basic history of Haiku
  • basic Haiku rules
  • the importance of Matsuo Bashoo in Haiku
  • Japanese mora
  • Japanese eras
  • Haiku creation
Summative Assessment
  Students will create their own Haiga, a combination of Haiku and picture.

Unit Organization and Activities
Lesson 1 History of Haiku

”o‹å‚Ì—ðŽj Download Word
Lesson 2 What's Haiku

”o‹å‚Á‚ĉ½H Download Word
Lesson 3 A trip by Matsuo Bashoo

¼”ö”mÔ‚Ì—· Download Word
Lesson 4 Current Japan and Haiku

¡‚Ì“ú–{‚Æ”o‹å Download Word
Lesson 5 Let's make Haiku

”o‹å‚ðì‚낤 Download Word
Lesson 6 Haiga contest ”o‰æƒRƒ“ƒeƒXƒg Download Word

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