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Food and Lifestyle 食べ物と生活様式
Why food?

Food is an essential part of any culture. This unit will explore what happens when foods or restaurants are introduced into a culture. For example, many foreign food items came into Japanese people’s everyday lives and have been assimilated and modified over time. Did you know that in South East Asia, where sushi originated, the rice in sushi was used to ferment the fish and discarded afterwards? Only when sushi arrived in Japan did people began eating the rice as well. Presently, fast food restaurants such as McDonald’s and KFC are found everywhere in Japan. Are their menus the same as those in the U.S.? Similarly, some Japanese foods, such as sushi, have also arrived in the U.S. Are they the same as those found in Japan?


Objectives Students will be able to...
  Social Studies Standards
  • Compare Japanese and American food cultures
  • Demonstrate understanding of the transformation and adaptation of food culture between Japan and the U.S.
  • Speculate possible transformation and adaptation of food culture between Japan and the U.S. in the future
  Second Language Standards
  • Use Japanese food names
  • Express frequency
  • Express comparison
  • Express opinions
  • Summarize
Summative Assessment

In groups, students will choose a food item in Japan or the U.S. to research. Students will speculate how the food has been or will be introduced and adapted between Japan and the U.S.


Unit Organization and Activities
Part 1: Fast Food ファーストフード
Students learn how Japan modified fast food that originated in the U.S.
Lesson 1 Do you like fast food?

ファーストフードが好き? Download Word
Lesson 2 McDonald's quizzes

マクドナルド・クイズ Download Word
Lesson 3 McDonald's in Japan

日本マクドナルドの歩み Download Word
Lesson 4 KFC Menu

KFCのメニュー Download Word
Lesson 5 Colonel Sanders & Christmas

カーネル・サンダース立像とクリスマス Download Word
Lesson 6 Japanese fast food project 日本のファーストフードプロジェクト Download Word
Part 2: Sushi 寿司
Students learn Sushi’s history and learn how it has been transformed and adapted in the U.S. culture.
Lesson 7 Have you tried Japanese food?

日本料理を食べたことある? Download Word
Lesson 8 Sushi quizzes

すしクイズ Download Word
Lesson 9 History of Sushi

すしの歴史 Download Word
Lesson 10 Sushi on the conveyer-belt

回転寿司 Download Word
Lesson 11 First time in a sushi restaurant

はじめての日本のすし屋 Download Word
Lesson 12 Sushi in the U.S.

アメリカとすし Download Word
Lesson 13 Final project ファイナルプロジェクト Download Word

Web and Literature Sources

Web sites for fast food

Web sites for Sushi

Other useful Web sites

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