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Fashion ファッション
Why fashion?

Many young learners are interested in fashion. We picked two sub-topics in this students’ favorite subject: kimono and school uniforms. As a traditional clothe, kimono has been worn in special occasions such as New Year’s Day, Coming-of-Age Day, wedding, and funeral. Recently kimono cuts its way to a trendy fashion. You can buy second-hand or antique kimono cheaply at a flea market. School uniforms may look very foreign to many American learners of Japanese and thus of their interest. Discussion about school uniform is also a good way to learn bout Japanese high school students and their lives.


Unit Objectives Students will be able to...
  Social Studies Standards
  • demonstrate understanding of Japanese customs, celebrations, and culture related to kimono
  • demonstrate understanding of the basic history of kimono and school
  Second Language Standards
  • debate on topic of school uniforms
  • describe people’s clothes
  • demonstrate understanding of authentic TV and letters on topic of kimono
  • express natural consequences
  • express reasons
Summative Assessment
  Students will debate on the topic of school uniforms

Unit Organization and Lessons

Part 1: Kimono: past and present 着物:昔と今

Students learn about kimono including how it has changed its share in history and the contemporary use of kimono.


Lesson 1 An email from Japan

日本からのEメール Download Word
Lesson 2 A reply from Satoko

さとこさんの返事 Download Word
Lesson 3 When do you wear kimono?

着物はいつ着る? Download Word
Lesson 4 History of kimono

着物の歴史 Download Word
Lesson 5 Kimono is hip!

着物がはやり! Download Word

Part 2: School Uniform versus personal clothes 制服 vs 私服

Students learn about school uniforms particularly their history and culture surrounding school uniforms. Students debate about the pros and cons of school uniforms.


Activity 6 History of School Uniforms

制服の歴史 Download Word
Activity 7 What do you associate with "School Uniform"

「制服」から何を連想する? Download Word
Activity 8 Pros and Cons of School Uniforms
制服のいい点とよくない点 Download Word
Activity 9 Wearing personal clothes to school

私服についてどう思う? Download Word
Activity 10 Debate

ディべート Download Word

Web and Literature Sources
  1. Websites

    a. 教育用画像素財集 by Information-Technology Promotion Agency provides with videos and photos representing people and their lives in different eras. From their front page, go to教育用画像素財集 and to 調べてみよう!日本人のくらしの移り変わり.

    b. The website, きものかけこみ寺, has many photos (
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