Place-based Language Learning

  • Level: High school, university
  • Languages: Chinese, French, German, Japanese, and Spanish
  • Cost: Free of charge

Ecopod engages learners in using the target language and knowledge of other subject areas to solve problems, find collaborators, and build community. Students access the modules using their iOS mobile device.

For example, one module asks students to work together to select resources necessary to survive a pandemic. Another asks them to identify emergencies and dispatch help during an earthquake. An augmented reality scavenger hunt encourages students to explore their surroundings. Some of the Ecopod modules were created by students themselves, allowing learners the opportunity to build proficiency through the creation of text, narrative, and tasks for others.

CASLS collaborated with the University of Oregon Division of Undergraduate Studies and the Department of Geography to develop some of the Ecopod modules.

Why Place-based Language Learning?

Place-based language learning:

  • Creates an engaging learning environment
  • Increases students’ motiviation
  • Encourages learners to use the target language outside of the classroom, thereby increasing proficiency
  • Engages students as multilingual participants in everyday life

How to Download Ecopod

  1. Download ARIS from the App Store and install it on the device.
  2. Once installed, open the program and click the magnifying glass at the bottom of the screen to search for Ecopod.
  3. Type “Ecopod” into the search bar and click “Search.”
  4. Select any of the Ecopod modules displayed in the search results.

Download Accompanying Activities

To help educators easily integrate Ecopod into the curriculum, we created accompanying activities for Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced learners. Download the classroom-ready activities free of charge from our Games2Teach website. (Select A6 to download.)

Creating Your Own Version of Ecopod

Feeling adventurous? Or inspired? Maybe you’re interested in creating a scavenger hunt located in your town. Or maybe you want students to create their own choose-your-own adventure game based on a text they read in class. Teachers and students alike can create their own games like Ecopod. Our guide to help you do so is free to download. Happy building!