LingroToGo: Learn Spanish on Your Mobile Device

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  • Levels: High school, university
  • Language: Spanish
  • Cost: Free of charge

The more time learners spend using another language, the more they learn. LingroToGo is designed to make that time as productive and enjoyable as possible.

Designed by gamers and linguists, LingroToGo uses game-based play to inspire students to learn Spanish on their mobile device. Game-based play teaches learners to tolerate the ambiguity needed for language learning and rewards them for time on task, accuracy, speed, and problem-solving abilities.

Each topic gives learners the skills they need to carry out a specific communicative task in Spanish, and deep thinking helps create the automaticity needed for greater fluency in the language. Learning Spanish in context helps users understand how meaning is constructed and conveyed based on much more than word choice.

How Learners Play

  • Watch videos. Play games. Play games. Watch videos. It’s completely up to learners. They pick the topics, the tasks, and the way they learn best.
  • Earn coins and XP to level up. Unlock great new content, boosts, and other fun prizes. Can learners get all the gold medals, or are they satisfied with silver and bronze?
  • Play each game once, twice, or more. Remember, the more learners practice, the better they will be at Spanish!

Co-created with LingroLearning, LingroToGo is based on the latest learning science and inspires learners to master the second most spoken language in the world.