Previous Student Programs

For over twenty years, CASLS has supported world language teaching and learning. Our projects span curriculum, assessment, research, and direct student instruction. Although our funding doesn’t always provide us with the opportunity to maintain the projects, we continue to allow access to the materials created.

Japanese Global Scholars
Languages: Japanese
CASLS, the Center for Asian and Pacific Studies, and the Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures collaborated to develop the UO Global Scholars Program in Japanese. The program paired academic and linguistic training so that students could major in a field of their choice while learning Japanese language and culture.

Hermes Online Language Learning
Languages: Chinese, Swahili
During 2012-2015, CASLS piloted the Hermes online language learning program. Hermes was an entirely web-based learning management system. Using peer-to-peer scaffolding and project-based learning, Hermes allowed novice students to become “active agents” in their language learning journey.

Chinese Online Modules
Languages: Chinese
Between 2011-2014, CASLS developed Chinese Academic Language Learning Modules (CALLM). CALLM are Chinese online learning units that integrate university-level content courses and relevant, domain-specific language instruction.

Swahili Academy
Languages: Swahili
The College Readiness Academy offered an intensive high school Swahili program through a two-week residential summer program followed by an online semester-long program. Students worked toward language and culture proficiency while earning high school language credit.