Chinese Academic Language Learning Modules

  • Level: University
  • Language: Chinese

Chinese Online Learning

The Chinese Academic Language Learning Modules (CALLM) combined university-level content courses with language instruction. We at CASLS partnered with San Francisco State University and the University of Rhode Island to develop prototype CALLM courses during 2011-2014.

These online Chinese learning units used multimedia digital collaboration tools to tailor instruction to each students’ strengths and weaknesses.

In light of the changing educational landscape, we developed CALLM to:

  • Provide sustainability of Flagship programming
    CALLM courses could be offered even if a faculty member who regularly teaches a course is on sabbatical. In addition, students from other institutions could enroll in CALLM and take advantage of courses not offered at their home university.
  • Increase access
    Because CALLM was offered online, students could complete coursework any time. This flexibility eliminated scheduling conflicts that often occur when students major in more than one discipline.
  • Enhance explicit linguistic instruction at the Advanced levels
    Each CALLM unit carefully integrated explicit language instruction related to the readings, lectures, and discussions.
  • Utilize the potential of digital technologies for educational transformation
    CALLM was delivered using Obaverse, a cutting-edge online learning system that takes advantage of collaborative learning. Each course followed the standards for online learning from the internationally recognized Quality Matters standards.