Chinese Academic Language Learning Modules

Chinese Online Learning

Between 2011-2014, CASLS developed Chinese Academic Language Learning Modules (CALLM). CALLM are Chinese online learning units that integrate university-level content courses and relevant, domain-specific language instruction. CASLS developed CALLM with funds from the National Security Education Program and worked with San Francisco State University and the University of Rhode Island to develop prototype CALLM courses.

Delivered online, the courses enhanced students’ Flagship experience through the use of multimedia, digital collaboration tools and up-to-date information without sacrificing the one-to-one learning component unique to the Flagship experience.

In light of the changing educational landscape, CASLS developed CALLM as an effort to:

  • Provide sustainability of Flagship programming – CALLM courses could be offered well into the future and archived for future use. In addition, students from other Chinese Flagship institutions could enroll in CALLM and take advantage of domain-specific courses that may not be offered at their home institution.
  • Increase access to content courses for Flagship students – Students could review course materials and complete their work at any time, eliminating scheduling conflicts that often occur when students major in more than one discipline.
  • Enhance explicit linguistic instruction at the Advanced levels – Each CALLM unit carefully integrated explicit language instruction related to the content of the readings, lectures, and discussions.
  • Utilize the potential of digital technologies for educational transformation – CALLM was delivered using Obaverse, a cutting-edge online learning system that takes advantage of collaborative learning. Each course followed the standards for online learning from the internationally recognized Quality Matters standards. Students thus had the opportunity to engage with the material from an individualized perspective and tackle challenges and academic inquiry at their own pace.