Second Language Research in the Community

For over twenty years, we at CASLS have conducted second language research in the community to identify effective methods of teaching and learning languages.

Immersion Pathways to Flagship Programs
CASLS and the Russian Flagship Program at Portland State University analyzed proficiency test results from Chinese and Russian programs throughout the Pacific Northwest. We synthesized this research into two documents that outline the various pathways of study towards Flagship Programs. The documents show proficiency level expectations for students graduating high school or community college.

Chinese Immersion
CASLS’ ethnography study examined the development of the K-16 Chinese dual immersion program at Portland Public Schools (PPS). The study set forth key components of the PPS model that other districts may replicate and examined catalysts and disruptors to the language immersion model.

Community College Connection
CASLS, the University of Oregon Department of Romance Languages, and Lane Community College worked together to align language curriculum across the two colleges. The articulation project helps ensure students can seamlessly transfer from one institution to another.

Elements of Successful Programs
CASLS partnered with the New Jersey Department of Education to document how to create successful language programs. Our research explored how program model and student factors such as socioeconomic status and race impact language learning. Using this data, New Jersey policy makers improved world language education across the state.

Roadmap to Language Excellence
CASLS convened a forum of leaders in education, business, and government to determine the skills language learners need to become successful. Members of these sectors shared their perspectives and identified ways to work together.