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We know teachers have so much to do. Many of us at CASLS have been in your shoes: long nights grading, meeting with parents, attending planning meetings with colleagues, and somehow finding time to support students’ interpersonal and intellectual development. We want to make finding quality teaching materials a little easier and a whole lot less time consuming.

InterCom is a weekly email digest that offers just-in-time information in easy-to-digest portions. Teachers can customize their issue by target language, level, and content area (such as curriculum, professional development, or assessment), so you receive only the information that matters to you.

Our editor monitors professional online communications such as listservs, blogs, and organizational websites to find the most relevant, useful information and resources for language professionals.

Each InterCom issue includes:

  • Topic of the Week: A video and ideas for implementation about an issue relevant to language teaching and learning
  • Links We Like: Links to carefully selected publications, language-specific resources, and professional development opportunities
  • Quick Takes: Conversation starters and infographics about contemporary issues
  • CASLS Spotlight: A highlight of Title VI Language Resource Center activities

Additional Resources

Methods instructors find InterCom a helpful resource to include in their curriculum. Learn more about integrating InterCom into the curriculum by downloading our PDF brochure.

InterCom Issues

Volume 1: Artificial Intelligence
Issue 1: Welcome to InterCom 3.0!
Issue 2: A Closer Look at AI and Language Learning
Issue 3: AI Image Generators and Thinking Routines

Volume 2: Communication is Wonderfully Complex
Issue 1: Pragmatics 101 (Updated YouTube Video:
Issue 2: Language Variety
Issue 3: Language and Power

Volume 3: Multimodality
Issue 1: How to Make Meaning
Issue 2: How Can Multimodality Improve Your Intercultural Communicative Competence?
Issue 3: Using Multimodalities to Tell a Story

Volume 4: Professional Learning Communities
Issue 1: Establishing Collaborative Communities
Issue 2: Stress, Rest, and Accountability

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