Oregon Experience Program (OEP)

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U.S. Study Abroad Program

The Oregon Experience Program (OEP) is a U.S. study abroad program that offers immersive language learning for international English learners. All English levels are welcome, and no student visa is necessary.

Students explore U.S. university life and learn about topics related to health and sustainability. They connect with the people and culture of Oregon all while deepening their English language skills. OEP offers two-, three-, and four-week options during spring break or summer term.

As part of the U.S. study abroad program, OEP students:

  • Develop intercultural connections
    OEP begins with an orientation to learn about the University of Oregon and life in the United States. Students explore the beauty of Oregon’s natural environment, vibrant culture, and welcoming residents through group excursions. They also experience family culture through home stay accommodations.
  • Explore global issues
    Students explore global issues related to sustainability and health. OEP looks at these concerns from a variety of perspectives and gives students access to local resources. Students work in the classroom with dedicated faculty and explore the community to find potential solutions for the issues raised in class.
  • Receive hands-on experience
    Students in our U.S. study abroad program become part of the local community by completing a service learning activity as a volunteer for nonprofit organizations. In this capacity, they become familiar with a variety of local subcultures, and our OEP faculty guide students through reflection.

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