Mavericks Congress

Inspiring Innovative, Interdisciplinary Collaboration through Play

Using mixed-reality experiences as a catalyst for disruptive innovation, the Mavericks Congress is perfect for organizational retreats focused on enhancing team dynamics. Participants must work together to solve problems. Along the way, they learn the expertise of everyone on their team.

The Mavericks Congress disrupts organizational hierarchies, sparking collaboration between participants. Participants must rely on each other’s expertise and work together to solve problems. Along the way, they gain insight into fellow participants’ skillsets and problem-solving strategies.

The Mavericks Congress is also great for organizations looking for transformational networking and collaboration across sectors and fields. We bring together leaders and innovators working in adjacent fields, and Mavericks levels the collaborative playing field so that innovation solutions and new partnerships can emerge.

“Yes, a room full of mostly strangers had a blast while solving puzzles, even self-proclaimed introverts. During this exercise, we talked about how this idea would usually bring stress and anxiety, but the attention to detail kept every participant engaged and curious the entire time.”
– Lauren Jerome, Co-Founder, Redefining Women in Tech; Partner, Mindbox Studios

The inaugural Mavericks Congress was held in Oregon’s celebrated wine country at Sylvan Ridge Winery in August 2019. Other Mavericks events were hosted in 2019 in Montreal and Washington, DC. Another Mavericks Congress and future events are planned for 2022.

Want to participate in future Mavericks Congress events? Email us, and we’ll keep you informed about participation and other opportunities!