Virtual and Augmented Reality Language Training (VAuLT)

AR & VR Language Learning Modules

  • Project website and access coming soon!
  • Level: University
  • Languages: Chinese, Spanish, other critical languages to be added
  • Cost: Free of charge

VAuLT applies augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology to language learning to situate learners in immersive environments so they can gain the language skills they need in their careers. Learners select a module that matches the language they are studying and their professional domain. Each module contains vocabulary, grammar, and communication strategies. Modules use mixed reality to engage learners in critical thinking and language learning. Most importantly, they include a focus on how to navigate real-life communication, build rapport with others, and interpret meaning.

Why AR and VR Language Learning?

  • VAuLT modules include vocabulary, grammar, and communication strategies. Learners practice words related to their employment context and how to use them most effectively. Take, for example, the need to end a meeting strategically with a sequence of phrases, rather than with a single word for goodbye.
  • Modules include components of language most relevant for building rapport and negotiating within a professional setting.
  • VAuLT modules include a series of learning strategies to help learners increase their language capacities efficiently and effectively.
  • Modules focus on how learners can communicate the meaning they intend, beyond just the grammar needed to do so.

The Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL) is a partner on VAuLT modules for in-classroom educational contexts.