Previous Curriculum Projects

For over twenty years, we at CASLS have supported world language teaching and learning. Our projects include curriculum, assessment, research, and direct student instruction. Although our funding doesn’t always allow us the ability to maintain the projects, we continue to provide the materials created.

Pacific Northwest Pathways Collective
The Pacific Northwest Pathways Collective is a group of Chinese and Russian educators dedicated to strengthening the instruction of these languages. We do this by working collaboratively to revise and develop curriculum, establish educator networks, and create professional development tool kits.

Find Place-based Language Learning Curriculum
Languages: Any
The Place- and Experience-based Database for Language Learning (PEBLL) is a curated collection of place-based educational experiences relevant to language learning.  Each project included in PEBLL is geo-tagged and categorized by language, level, and content area.

Virtual Language Lab
Languages: Any
Seamlessly integrate technology in your curriculum with A National Virtual Language Lab (ANVILL). Whether you’re linking to existing web content or uploading your own texts or media files, ANVILL simplifies the process.

Jan Ken Pon
Languages: Japanese
Jan Ken Pon is a set of K-5 Japanese immersion elementary curriculum, available for download free of charge. The curriculum includes the 5 C’s; reading, writing, speaking, and listening activities; and nine age-appropriate themes.

Dynamic Activity Templates
Languages: Chinese, Japanese, Spanish
Dynamic Activity Templates include everything teachers need for the day: handouts, in-class activities, and quizzes. Teachers access DATs through a searchable online database. These instructional tools are perfect for supplementing popular textbooks.

Content-based Thematic Units
Languages: French, Japanese, Spanish
MOSAIC content-based thematic units link language learning with standards in geography (Spanish, French) and history (Japanese).

MyChina Village
Language: Chinese
MyChina Village, a virtual world in Second Life, provided a structured learning environment while capitalizing on the benefits of traditional study abroad. MyChina Village increased students’ proficiency by allowing them to interact with Chinese speakers.