Place- and Experience-based Database for Language Learning (PEBLL)


  • Levels: All
  • Languages: Any, emphasis on less commonly taught languages
  • Cost: Free of charge

We know that students are more motivated to learn a language when they understand its relevance in their daily lives. Place-based education can help students connect their studies with their lives outside of the classroom. Doing so can increase both student motivation and proficiency.

PEBLL, a curated database of place-based education experiences relevant to language learning, helps educators quickly find high-quality programs to include in their classroom.  Each experience included in PEBLL is geotagged and categorized by language, level, and content area. Teachers can find existing programs and services for immediate classroom use or for adaption to their own local contexts.

For more information on incorporating place-based education in the language learning classroom, we also offer these additional resources:

PEBLL is a joint project between CASLS and the Center for Open Educational Resources and Language Learning (COERLL).