Innovation in World Language Teaching and Learning

The Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS) at the University of Oregon fosters innovation in world language teaching and learning by providing research-based solutions to materials creation, program implementation, and evaluation and assessment. CASLS is one of sixteen National Foreign Language Resource Centers that work to increase the nation’s capacity for language teaching and learning.

Our staff is a multilingual and multinational team working toward the mission of supporting the teaching and learning of foreign languages. CASLS’ expertise and dedication has made the center nationally recognized in the intersection of technology and language learning.

Our Values

  • Everyone has the ability to learn a second language and should be provided with that opportunity.
  • Meaningful communication is the purpose of language learning.
  • Teachers and learners play a vital role in language learning.

Language Resource Centers

CASLS is one of sixteen Title VI National Foreign Language Resource Centers across the country that create a national network of resources to promote the teaching and learning of world languages. LRCs create language learning and teaching materials, offer professional development opportunities, and conduct and disseminate research on language learning. Download the LRC informational brochure or visit the LRC website to find resources and materials.

Our Advisory Board

The CASLS Advisory Board brings together key stakeholders who provide guidance, advice, and support. Advisory Board members serve three-year terms and meet at least once during each academic term. The Advisory Board members are:

  • Robert Davis, Professor of Spanish, University of Oregon
  • Dennis Galvan, Vice Provost for International Affairs, University of Oregon
  • Jeff Magoto, Director of the Yamada Language Center, University of Oregon
  • Chuck Williams, Associate Vice President for Innovation, University of Oregon

Our History

CASLS began as a group of Japanese teachers in Oregon working on a three-year grant  to support Japanese language instruction. Today, CASLS supports all world language teachers across the country so that they can best serve their students.

2018: CASLS Director Dr. Julie Sykes receives the University of Oregon Innovation and Impact Award.

2016: CASLS transitions the Oregon Chinese Flagship Program to the University of Oregon Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures.

2014: CASLS Associate Director Mandy Gettler receives the University of Oregon Outstanding Officer of Administration Award.

2014: CASLS receives renewed funding to continue as a Title VI Language Resource Center.

2013: CASLS welcomes Dr. Julie Sykes as the director of CASLS, catapulting the center to the forefront of implementing technology in the language classroom.

2012: CASLS joins the University of Oregon Global Studies Institute, which fosters synergies across international projects and units.

2005: CASLS becomes home to the Oregon Chinese Flagship Program, in partnership with Portland Public Schools, through funding provided by the National Security Education Program.

2002: CAJLS receives a Title VI Language Resource Center grant to become the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS).

1997: The Japanese Language Program receives additional funding and becomes the Center for Japanese Language Studies (CAJLS).

1994: CASLS founding Director Carl Falsgraf leads the Japanese Language Project at the Oregon University System, from which CASLS would emerge.