A National Virtual Language Lab

  • Levels: Middle school, high school, university
  • Languages: Any
  • Cost: Free of charge

Language labs provide valuable opportunities for students to connect with others and for teachers to include technology in the classroom. But not all schools have the resources to support the necessary computers and services. The Yamada Language Center and CASLS created A National Virtual Language Lab (ANVILL) to help all schools access the power of online language tools.

Creating media-rich lessons in ANVILL is simple and straightforward. ANVILL includes templates for audio, video, and image tasks. There are also tools for text-based discussions like blogs and forums. Record and place audio or video files anywhere in a lesson. Whether you’re linking to existing web content or uploading your own texts or media files, ANVILL simplifies the process. Each of the tools within the virtual language lab opens up the scope and sequence of lessons centered on spoken language tasks.