Bridging Project

Online Language Learning

  • Level: High school
  • Languages: Chinese, Russian, Spanish
  • Cost: Free of charge
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Maybe you have been speaking Chinese with your grandmother since you learned to talk. Or learning Spanish since kindergarten as an immersion student. You’re still interested in continuing to learn the language now that you’re in high school, but you want to go beyond learning about Chinese New Year or Dia de los Muertos.

Language programs across the country struggle to help these students. They need curriculum appropriate for teenagers who have high levels of proficiency. We at CASLS are supporting these learners through the Bridging Project.

The Bridging Project is an online language learning course. Designed specifically for high school students with high levels of proficiency (Advanced-low), the Bridging Project is perfect for heritage learners and immersion students.

The online language learning course uses engaging, age-appropriate topics. Students learn about topics related to leisure, race, gender, appearance, and human rights and activism. They enroll in the year-long course and work in teams to create a final project.

Why Online Language Learning for High School Students?

It’s difficult to find age-appropriate materials for high school students with high levels of second language proficiency. Some high schools adapt college material for these students. Others direct enroll them in university courses. With these approaches, the curriculum may be appropriate for students’ proficiency levels, but not for their age or social maturity. Other high schools may not have the resources to even develop curriculum for these students. As a result, attrition rates continue to rise.

The Bridging Project is a link between high school programs and college language study. The online language learning program encourages students with high levels of proficiency to continue language study by offering student-selected themes with age- and proficiency-appropriate tasks.

The Bridging Project is offered in high schools in Portland Public Schools.