MOSAIC: Linking Languages and Content


Content-based Thematic Units

  • Levels: High school, university
  • Languages: French, Japanese, and Spanish
  • Cost: Free of charge

MOSAIC content-based thematic units link language learning with standards in geography (Spanish, French) and history (Japanese). MOSAIC’s development team included a university-level content specialist, a university-level language teacher, a high school content specialist, and a high school language teacher. The content specialists identified source materials and ensured that unit lessons are current and accurate. The language specialists assured the pedagogical and linguistic quality of the materials, keeping in mind the special challenges of learning new content in a second language.

Lessons Examples

  • Students learn how to report events and ask questions in French while studying HIV/AIDS in Africa.
  • Students practice asking questions in Spanish as they learn about the importance of food in religious ceremonies.
  • Students learn vocabulary in Japanese to describe people while identifying common themes in ukiyo-e and anime.