Analog U

Digital Mindfulness in the Age of Technology

  • Available for iOS devices fall 2018
  • Levels: Middle school, high school, university
  • Language: English
  • Cost: Free of charge

As adults, we remember a time without the interrupting dings and buzzes of our cell phones. Still, it’s hard to ignore the impulse to check the message even when we know we shouldn’t: when we’re driving or when we’re eating dinner with our families, for example. It’s even harder to ignore the urge to pick up the cell phone when you’re a young adult who can’t remember life without one.

Analog U helps young adults explore what it’s like to be human in a digital age. Analog U is unlike any other digital mindfulness app. It is not a meditation or Internet blocking app. It also does not advocate for digital detox or phone avoidance.

Rather, Analog U embraces mobile technologies to help learners become more mindful of their digital interactions. For example, when the cell phone buzzes, Analog U gives young adults the tools to pause first and make a conscious choice to pick up the cell phone – or not.

Using a series of playful questions, this digital mindfulness app develops learners’ awareness of the most habitually deployed mobile features, like push notifications. In doing so, Analog U promotes reflection and intentionality. It asks learners to consider their own social responsibility in both on- and offline communities.

This mindful approach prepares learners to pause, observe the target language culture, and consider their own subjectivity – all of which are key features to developing intercultural competence and communicative proficiency, the very type of language learning we work to support.

Calyx Contemplative Care collaborated with CASLS to design and develop Analog U.