Bridging Project

  • Project website coming soon!
  • Level: High school
  • Languages: Chinese, Russian, Spanish
  • Free of charge

Encouraging students with high levels of proficiency, especially heritage students and those who graduate from immersion programs, to continue language study at the college level has become increasingly more challenging. Attrition rates of these advanced-level students across the country continue to rise.

The Bridging Project creates meaningful learning experiences for high school students with high levels of proficiency to continue studying language. Students enroll in a year-long hybrid course centered on exploring their identities. To conduct this exploration, learners will consider themes like leisure, appearance, race, gender, and human rights. Students will also work in teams to create a place-based mobile experience for members of their local communities. Each project will be themed around engagement in a relevant content area such as sustainability, water rights, or global business. Each team has the option of submitting their project to a scholarship competition.