Computerized Assessment of Proficiency (CAP)

  • Levels: Middle school, high school, university
  • Languages: Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, and Turkish
  • Cost: Free of charge

The Computerized Assessment of Proficiency (CAP) was an online language  test that measured students’ proficiency in Hebrew, Hindi, Persian, and Turkish. CAP was tied to the ACTFL Performance Descriptors for Language Learners.

Our language assessment allowed teachers to:

  • See the percentage of items students answered correctly in the reading, listening, and contextualized grammar sections (sections available vary by language)
  • See an estimated proficiency level for students who have completed the reading and listening sections
  • Have the option of grading students’ answers to the speaking and writing sections using a provided rubric

Reading and listening sections were computer adaptive. Students who answered items correctly received more difficult test questions. The speaking, writing, and contextualized grammar sections were not adaptive. The reading, listening, and contextualized grammar sections were multiple choice questions. The speaking and writing sections were open ended. Want to learn more about the development of the CAP language assessment? Download the CAP test and CAP task specifications.

Language assessment for commonly taught languages and some critical languages is currently delivered through Avant Assessment as STAMP 4S and STAMP 4Se.