NOELLA: National Online Early Language Learning Assessment

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A Language Test for Younger Students

  • Level: Elementary
  • Language: Russian
  • Free of charge

Younger students respond to different curriculum and teaching methods than older learners. Assessments to measure proficiency of these younger students should similarly address their needs. CASLS created the National Online Early Language Learning Assessment (NOELLA) with these students in mind, creating an enjoyable testing experience for these younger learners. NOELLA engages students in reallife language situations. NOELLA provides teachers with easy-to-use data that is perfect for checking progress, program and standards review, staff development, and instructional planning.

The reading section is computer adapative. Students who answer these multiple-choice items correctly receive more difficult test questions. The speaking section is not adaptive, and responses are open ended. Teachers receive an estimated proficiency level score for those who complete the reading section. Teachers have the option of grading their students’ answers to the speaking section using a provided rubric.

CASLS completed the research and development of NOELLA, which Avant Assessment now delivers to the field as STAMP 4se. Avant provides quality test delivery, technical support, and customer service to those administering STAMP 4se.