Pacific Northwest Pathways Collective

CASLS and Portland State University are leading the Pacific Northwest Pathways Collective. The Collective strives to enhance language articulation in Chinese and Russian among K-12 schools, community colleges, and university Flagship Programs. Members of the Collective revise curriculum, develop robust educator networks, and create professional development toolkits.

Recently, the Collective compiled proficiency testing data from Chinese and Russian programs throughout the Pacific Northwest to create a document outlining the various pathways of study to the University of Oregon Chinese Flagship Program and a document outlining the various pathways of study to the Portland State University Russian Flagship Program. These documents articulate 1) proficiency level expectations for students graduating high school or community college and 2) an overview of the program of study students should expect to complete upon entering either the associated Flagship Program.

The Collective also created a resource repository for Russian immersion programs to post, share, and adapt curricular resources to their specific needs. This repository eases some of the considerable time pressures faced by Russian K-12 teachers to create resources.