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Sharing & Collaboration

CASLS invites you to join in our discussions. By understanding your perspectives and experiences, we can better create programs and tools to meet your needs. We will consider any valuable idea: projects to undertake, issues to address, and points to consider. We're also happy to learn about your daily successes and challenges.

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Improving the Teaching and Learning of Foreign Languages

The Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS), a National Foreign Language Resource Center and home to the Oregon Chinese Flagship Program, fosters innovation by providing research-based solutions to materials creation, implementation, and evaluation and assessment. 

We are a diverse group of multilingual people working together toward a common goal: improving the teaching and learning of foreign languages. Our innovative solutions to language learning emanate from the creative recombination and application of ideas and technologies.

  • Everyone has the ability to learn a second language and should be provided with that opportunity.
  • Meaningful communication is the purpose of language learning.
  • Teachers play a vital role in language learning. We listen to and support them in their implementation of best practices.

Language Resource Center logoLanguage Resource Center

Language Resource Centers (LRCs) across the country promote the teaching and learning of foreign languages. Led by nationally and internationally recognized language professionals, LRCs create language learning and teaching materials, offer professional development opportunities, and conduct research on foreign language learning.
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The Language Flagship logoLanguage Flagship Program

The National Flagship Program is an effort to change the way Americans learn languages. The Language Flagship community leads the nation in designing, supporting, and implementing a new paradigm for language learning. Students graduating from Flagship Programs will have professional-level language and culture skills.
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Our Advisory Board

In 2013, CASLS established an Advisory Board consisting of key stakeholders across campus and the national language learning community. The Advisory Board, convened by Vice Provost for International Affairs Dennis Galvan, provides guidance, advice, and support. Advisory Board members serve three-year terms and meet at least once during each academic term. The inaugural Advisory Board includes:

  • Michael Bacon, Immersion Achievement Coordinator & Chinese Flagship Director, Portland Public Schools
  • Adriana Brandt, Assistant Professor of ESL, Dixie State University
  • Robert Davis, Professor of Spanish, Department of Romance Languages
  • Dennis Galvan, Vice Provost for International Affairs, University of Oregon Office of International Affairs
  • Kaori Idemaru, Associate Professor of East Asian Linguistics, University of Oregon Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures
  • Jeff Magoto, Director, Yamada Language Center
  • Chuck Williams, Assistant Vice President for Innovation, Office of Technology Transfer


Our History

CASLS began as a group of Japanese teachers in Oregon working on a three-year grant program to improve instruction. Today, the center supports all foreign language educators across the country so that they can best serve their students. Our staff's wide variety of expertise has helped the center become nationally recognized in assessment, professional development, and program development. Learn more about our staff by visiting the staff biography page.

1994: CASLS Founding Director Carl Falsgraf leads the Japanese Language Project at the Oregon University System, from which CASLS would emerge.

1997: The Japanese Language Project receives additional funding and becomes the Center for Japanese Language Studies (CAJLS).

2001: CAJLS receives a Title VI grant to become the Northwest National Foreign Language Resource Center and changes its name to the Center for Applied Second Language Studies (CASLS).

2005: The Language Flagship awards CASLS the Oregon Chinese Flagship Program.

2009: CASLS celebrates its 15th anniversary.

2012: CASLS joins the University of Oregon Global Studies Institute and integrates with the Office of International Affairs. The Global Studies Institute fosters synergies across international projects and units.

2013: CASLS establishes an Advisory Board consisting of stakeholders across campus and in the language learning community.